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We are a DEM Pure Certified farm and use regenerative farming techniques to craft premium organic hemp flower, by hand and with intention.  This style of cultivation takes more time and requires significantly more work, but allows us to focus on sustainability, reducing waste, and continuously improving the soil on the two beautiful properties we farm in northern Oregon.   


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Our Forest Field is 5 acres of living soil that was a forest for the last few hundred years until recently being logged (not by us - we're a friend of the trees!).  We feel fortunate for the opportunity to step in and act as stewards of this ancient forest soil.



Our Terrace Greenhouse farm is 80 acres of off-grid boogie bliss carved out of lush, old growth forest.  This place is a Pacific Northwest dreamland.  Always a safe haven for creativity, freedom, and quiet.  You can taste it in every puff.


We use full Korean Natural Farming feeds at both properties and we hand craft each and every input. Fermented plants, fruits, and sea life act as our nutrient system and we use natural alternatives to plastic mulch.  We collect indigenous microorganisms from the native soil and culture them into a web of beneficial microbes that spreads throughout the field and greenhouses. Our flower is completely free of synthetic nutrients and toxic pesticides and is some of the cleanest hemp flower you'll find anywhere on the planet.